Dangerous Rhythm-LP

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First official re-issue ever for the Mexican punk record. Replica from cover and insert plus a new article written by Piro. 180 grs vinyl limited to 500 copies. Dangerous Rhythm formed in Mexico in August 1978 and can claim to be one of the first punk bands in the country. Piro, the band's vocalist, immersed himself in the whole Los Angeles scene, and was in contact with the Chicano side of the city through Tito Larriva from The Plugz and other bands from the area like Circle Jerks, Fear or Black Flag. The impact of punk classics like the Sex Pistols, The Clash or the Ramones obviously had an influence on the sound of the group. Dangerous Rhythm never forgot their family tree, absorbing large doses of unconventional rock like the New York Dolls, The Stooges or Lou Reed. All these elements helped the band forge their own style and sound; starting off with songs sung mostly in English and vibrant, direct melodies. After laying the foundations of the non-existent punk scene and recording their debut, "Electroshock", they released their first eponymous LP in 1981. It was released by Hip 70, run by Armando Blanco, who owned the club of the same name which was the focal point of the Mexican scene in the 80s. Key figures of 70s counterculture like Ricardo Ochoa (Peace and Love and Nahuatl) or veterans like Max Reese (sound engineer for Tom Petty) collaborated on the recording. The end result was mind blowing and shows a band with nerve that played new wave with a punk rhythm.