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Dödläge is a Swedish word which means either "deadlock" or "stalemate" in English. Dödläge is a crust punk d-beat band from Portland, OR that includes members of Nux Vomica, Insidious Process, Rohit, Black Hole of Calcutta, and Worthless Eaters. However unlike the predecessors, Dödläge brings a cripplingly heavy d-beat crust punk in the vein of Sweden meets Japan. Plenty of d-beats from the drummer, plenty of sick and heavy riffs from the guitar with distort feedback for all of the chaos-non-musica necessary! Think Discharge meets Warcry meets Perdition meets Shitlickers meets Anticimex meets Gauze. 500 pressed, 250 with black and white covers, 250 with black and aged covers.



  • Black/white covers - 33% in stock