DOOM-"Consumed to Death + 2011 USA Tour"-Cassette

Image of DOOM-"Consumed to Death + 2011 USA Tour"-Cassette


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UK King of Crust Punk!!!. This cassette version contain tracks from their new "Consumed to Death" EP , "2011 USA tour" EP and 3 extra tracks from ' A new world in our heart' Comp and OEF comp. Totally 14 crust as fuck tracks!!!!!.

Tracks Listing :

Consumed to Death EP

1-Consumed to Death
2-Sociopathic System
3-Driven by Greed
5-Life in Prism

2011 USA tour EP

6-Reasonable Force
7-Financial Coup
8-Ineffectual Goad
9-Open-Mind Surgery
10-Nortural Fear ( Celtic Frost)
11-War System ( Shitlickers)

Comp Tracks:

12-Fahrenheit 451
14-Human Meat ( Japanese mix)

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