EEL/Pissbath–Nursery Rhymns För Nuklear Poison Children-7"


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First of all, on this record you get 4 new tracks from Pittsburgh's mighty Eel. It's funny, I'm not really into too much noise-core and Eel's whole aesthetic makes you think that you're going to be in for some straight up budget Confuse worship, but they're SO much more than that... there is a lot of that really fast pogo beat that so many noisecore bands use, but Eel has RIFFS, and that's what makes all the difference when you're playing any kind of hardcore. They also have a few other tricks up their sleeve like the scorching Japanese hardcore-style lead on "Pacifism Won't Win Fight." As for Nashville's Pissbath, they hold a little closer to the noisecore template, but as with Eel it's the weirder moments that make them stick out (well, that and the dead on Chaos UK / Disorder bass tone). I don't know if this split 7" is going to convert anyone to being a noize believer, but it definitely gets my fist pumping.

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