LANGUID-Oblivion EP-7"

Image of LANGUID-Oblivion EP-7"


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Canadian young current disaster star D - BEAT HC, long - awaited new release 6 songs 7 'EP!

Anyway thoroughly Initial DISCHARGE and DISASTER with D - BEAT for RAW PUNX The bombing sound was released last year and was released from last year 's independent masterpiece masterpiece first album "Resist Mental Slaughter" that was inspired by MANIACSs including Watakushi without any break There is no doubt that it will meet your expectations!

While it's young, it's truly young, although it's young, although it's 7 inches yet D-BEAT, as well as DIS's songs of mid-tempo are firmly in place and a massive work that is massive!

A2-And Still...
A3-Indiscriminate Torture
B1-Final Dark Age
B2-Innocent Lives
B3-Bodies In Agony