MISERY "The Beginning" LP

Image of MISERY "The Beginning" LP


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This latest release finds Misery looking not only backwards but forwards as they celebrate 25 years together without a lineup change nor a break. The two lead off tracks show that Misery will always be progressing and growing, The Beginning featuring female vocals and acoustic guitar amidst the massive crushing heaviness, where Armageddon shows that no one has perfected apocalyptic crust/ stenchcore like Misery has. The middle of this release finds them reaching back to the first demo, re-recordings of the bleak New Year’s and the classic Midnight. The latter features the return of Al Long who left Misery to join Nausea shortly after the demo. The final two songs pay homage to their roots in the van by covering Sacrilege’s Lifeline and Chrome’s epic 3rd From the Sun, once again featuring Al Long, both adding their own ingredients that began to shape Misery in 1988. Any band would be lucky to celebrate 25 years with a release this strong.


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