MOBS-"KILL'EM ALL"-CD {Official reissue}

Image of MOBS-"KILL'EM ALL"-CD {Official reissue}


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In the 80's in the kansai hard core scene, the initial sound of mobs was knocked down in the depths of fear of the national of the country. 1St / 2nd ep not demo (1983), v. A./ The 2 songs of the hardcore illegal. In addition, in Osaka Umeda Bourbon House (1986.8.7) from the 8ND EP (1986.8.7) from the 2ND EP, the guitar sound of the guitar, the guitar sound of the guitar, the sound of the vivid showa sound. Until 30, 23 pieces of Lima-Sterling have been raised to death in a few years!!! and as of 2017, it is looking forward to the future activities of m.o.b.s.


01.Dead People Having Sex
02.Dead Head
03.No More Heroes
04.Chaos And Violence
05.Stead Fast (from Demo Tape '83)
■Projection Of Astral Body
07.Projection Of Astral Body
08.Evil Spirit
09.Stormy Night
10.Fist Fuck
■ 1983 demo
11.Die Off
12.Fuck Peace And Ultra
13. Jusus Christ ~ charisma
■ Hard Core Illegal Rally 1984
15.No More Heroes
■Live at Bourbon House 1986.8.7
16.In The Sunshine
17.No More Heroes
19.Stead Fast
20.Stormy Night
22.Evil Spirit

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