PRICE OF SILENCE-Architecture-12"

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MEANWHILE member late DISCHARGE ~ MOTORHEAD style metallic · hard rockin · GRAVE NEW PUNK group, 12 songs EP with 4 songs!

Speaking of late DISCHARGE, is it a high tone / vocal like the current THISCLOSE? Although I tend to think that, like MEANWHILE, Jocke 's vocal group is singing with that vagabond as MEANWHILE and this is also awesome!

And this is also a guitarist like MEANWHILE Mr. Jallo (EXPLOATOR, TOTALITAR, DISCHANGE, NO SECURITY etc) It is not so distorted hard rockin 'guitar is distorted in reverse Conversely, the sound is made heavy, to the dry bin, and to MOTORHEAD っ It is a really nice feeling that I play a part in listening to it!

Manghel - It's not just Slash SWEDISH HARDCORE!

1983 Discharge influenced Swedish punk

A1-Under Water
A2-A Curtain Of Blood And Soil
B1-Brace Yourselves
B2-Sins In Deep Storage