A Varning From Montreal Compilation 1-Cassette


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A Varning From Montreal Compilation 1

A VARNING FROM MONTREAL FESTIVAL has been created and produced by VARNING PRODUCTIONS. This year they are celebrating the 12th edition of the festival and of KATACOMBES venue with an awesome international line up; Bands from Russia, Japan, Sweden, U.K., Australia, Mexico, Canada and USA. Definitely one of the best DIY punk festival in North-America.

This year RUNSTATE TAPES proposed a Varning Compilation Vol.1, It features all the best from the 12th(2018) edition. All the profit from this compilation will be given to Varning From Montreal Festival.

The compilation was physically available during the weekend of the fest, this is the extra(Unsold copies)... Not that many left, grab yours now.

A1-DISSEKERAD - Domenatten (SE)
A2-ULTRARAT - Aversion (CA)
A3-BOMBERS - Loaded Gun (US)
A4-HARAM - The Prophet (US)
A5-FRAGMENT - Death Machine (CA)
A6-PARASYTES - Straight Jacket (CA)
A7-PHANE - radio regiment (CA)
A8-BLOCKADE - Nuclear Winter (AU)
A9-CHARGED SS - Masacre Final (MX)
A10-LAST AGONY - Systems Murder (CA)
A11-INNOCENT - Myopia (US)
A13-SYSTEM FUCKER - One Drop Of Paint (JP)

B1-FATUM - Life lost (RU)
B2-AMBUSH - Noise For Insanity (US)
B3-ZYGOME - the power shifts (CA)
B4-CPU RAVE - Compressed (CA)
B5-RAT CAGE - Anti-Trident (UK)
B6-NO WAR - Between Two Deaths (CA)
B7-FLOWER - I Can't Unsee (US)
B8-LANGUID - ...And Still (CA)
B9-APÄRÄ - Amargura (MX)
B10-SUNSHINE WARD - Wasted Life (US)
B11-GAZM - Bring Tha Heat (CA)
B12-GLASSED -judge bastard (CA)
B13-COLLAPSED - Man Wars (CA)