ANARKIA (Chile)-"Censurado"-7"


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ANARKIA is one of the most remarkable band of the Chilean alternative scene from mid 80´s. Formed in 1987 by members of the death metal band Atomic Aggressor, their music found their way through a variety of musical influences brought by their members: from heavy metal, thrash, hardcore punk until crossover. Raw lyrics of frightening actuality with a strong feeling of discontent against the establishment flow without mercy throughout this demo called CENSURADO, expressing the angst of their generation and combining powerful chord lines with a neat drumbeat and some powerful riffs, yet outstandingly virtuous for the time this record was produced, doubtlessly due to the background of the band members. ANARKIA shared some of the most legendary stages with some prominent bands of the Thrash-Hardcore-Punk scene of the 80´s such as EXPLOITED (Scotland), G-3 (Peru), GBH( Birmingham ), Casualties (USA), etc. Eight songs full of rage, across almost 14 minutes of hardcore-punk. Originally recorded in REC Studio (Santiago de Chile, 1989). Remasterized in Lima Peru by Oskar Hastío (2016).
the lyrics , are valid until today
CENSURADO is a jewel that comes to us straight from the mid-80´s. Don’t miss out!


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