Arrest-La poli bastarda-7"

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After their fucking great demo tape, these 4 punx come back with even more clear what they want to do. 4 new songs, 3 in Spanish and 1 in Catalan, taking just where they left on their demo; the spirit of the UK OI! classic like BLITZ and giving to it little touch of actual sound that sometimes can remind you to the K-TOWN punk classics like NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. This 4 songs are angry and energetic hymns, really catchy since the first listen, with strong bass lines, catchy guitar riffs, classic drum sound and great punk voice that give to all the sound you are expecting for a band that sound old and not "modern" oi! styled. Comes with insert with lyrics translated to English and all the design is a clear reference to the classic 4 SKINS "yesterdays heroes".