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ABADDON-"Wet za wet"-LP Official reissue (Red Vinyl)

The original release was the result of international DIY efforts avoiding the narrow-mindedness of the Iron Curtain. It also brought together two of the strongest scenes of the Eastern Bloc - Polish and Yugoslavian. All of the recordings were done in Borut Cine Studio, in Ljubljana, during Abaddon's tour of Yugoslavia. Invited by Peter Barbaric, they also played a couple of shows with bands like Pankrti or U.B.R. The "Wet za wet" LP was then released by New Wave Records from France. Because of this, and also thanks to worldwide tape-traders and the band's appearances on comp. tapes like "Noise Behind the Iron Dustbin" or "Cultural Compost Pit", as well as a bootleg split-tape with Rejestracja, they were quite well-known beyond their home country. In Poland, their regular performances at the Jarocin Festival and appearances on legendary compilations like "Fala" and "Jak punk to punk" established the band as one of the classics of the genre.
In the 90s, two bootleg 7"s of Abaddon were released and in 2001, Pop Noise Records released the CD version of "Wet za wet."
The LP contains 8 fast, direct, and tight Hardcore Punk ragers and a great roots/dub song called "Ljubljana night." Coming from their Polish/Eastern European perspective, the album's lyrics and artwork expressed a protest against any form of authoritarian power - from the brutality of fascism during WWII and the 1981 revolts
in Poland, to more current world problems of the time, like Apartheid in South Africa and the global arms race. In the context of Poland's political climate in the 80s, their lyrics and music were seriously impressive.
Mastering for the reissue was done from the original sources by Jarek Smok at Studio As One (Warsaw). The LP features a gatefold cover, an additional booklet with an exclusive interview with Tomasz Dorn, drummer of Abaddon and plenty of rare photos (including the work of Michał Wasążnik - one of the best documenters of 80s punk in Poland). All of the lyrics and the interview come with English translations. One of the most classic releases of Polish Hardcore Punk available again on vinyl!

Track list:

Side A:
1.Wet za wet
2.Boimy się siebie
4.Ljubljana night

Side B:
6.Koniec świata

Red vinyl limited to 300



Great artwork by SUGI!

All new tracks recorded exclusively for this release.

ALERTA! “s/t” EP

First vinyl release of this relatively new band made up of old tireless
punks from Barcelona (Mordazas, Totalickers, Crimen De Estado, Arrest,
Disundead, etc) bringing us 5 tracks of fast, old and raw hardcore clearly
influenced by catalan and Italian 80’s hardcore acts (specially early
Subterranean Kids) 5 tracks dealing with rutine in life, dissapointment
and frustration, Barcelona in flames, struggling for survival…

Front art by Alexander Heir (
First press of 500 copies in black vinyl.

ARMAGEDOM - "Silencio Fuebre" LP {Official Reissue}

Armagedom album is a classic that took a long time to be recognized. Their lyrics and chaotic atmosphere represent a serious look into Brazil's poverty and life condition. One of the first crustcore albums ever released in Brazil.

ARSON-Coho! Coho!-7" 45

ARSON was Toronto's first punk rock supergroup, formed by members of the Viletones, The Ugly and The Poles to deliver raw, tough punk rock as other parts of the early scene veered off to power pop or new wave. Self-released in 1979 and never repressed, this excellent 45 has long been a fave of world-wide collectors, but is just now once again available for the rest of us. Topside's a great fast-paced punker with wild guitar action, backed with a slow-burning creepycrawl monster that compliments it beautifully. Limited one-time repress with faithfully reproduced packaging and new insert!

Canadian Import!

Ausbruch-"Harte Zeiten"-LP

One of the last undiscovered German punk classics from the 80`s back again on vinyl. “Harte Zeiten” was sold out for the last two decades and is now re-released with the original artwork and sound.

Ausbruch were found in the early 80's, “Harte Zeiten” was their first album in 1985 with classic “Deutschpunk”. Midtempo-punk-songs with great melodies, sing-a-longs and political lyrics, mainly in German, in addition two songs in English.

Ausbruch were part of various legendary compilations of this time like „Hardcore-Power Part 2“

and „We don’t need nuclear force“ (both Mülleimer Records) and „Schlachtrufe BRD Vol.1“, „Das waren noch Zeiten“ (Snake Records / A.M. Music).

Vinyl was originally released on Roof Music in 1985, repressed on Rude Records 1989, again repressed by A.M. Music in 1995 as a CD and now available again for the first time.

Comes with original artwork, including an inlay with photos and liner notes by bassist Hansel Dieken and digital downloadcode.

BREAKDOWN-Running Scared LP

One of the most important and, yep, best, New York Hardcore recordings on vinyl for the first time EVER, with “Running Scared,” the second demo in Breakdown’s Both Demos set. This is music to wear a Mr. Peanut t-shirt to, to lace up your Spot-Bilt sneakers and stagedive into a pike of Daisy Dukes and Village Voice back-issues. On this 540 and Painkiller split release you will find: The Running Scared demo, from 1988, recorded in The Loft studios in Bronxville, near the parkway, and previously unreleased versions of All I Ask and Hold Me Back--the latter basically a new Breakdown song that you can't get anywhere else except for this thing--and their WNYU session from 1989. The demo is as good as any hardcore record ever, and the band is as good as any band. It’s on vinyl now, finally, so buy this thing, put on a ringer tee, spill spaghetti sauce on it and start spreading the credit around."


1. Dissed + Dismissed (demo)
2. All I Ask (demo)
3. What It Is (demo)
4. Breakdown (demo)
5. Down For The Count (demo)
6. All I Ask (previously unreleased)
7. Hold Me Back (previously unreleased)
8. Don't Give Up (live)
9. Kickback (live)

10. Life Of Bullshit (live)
11. You Gotta Fight (live)
12. Your Problems (live)
13. Vengeance (live)
14. Hold Me Back (live)
15. Labeled (live)
16. Safe In A Crowd (live)
17. Sick People (live)
18. Pipe Dream (live)

Broken Bones-"Crucifix"-7" {Official Reissue}

Reissue of this classic 7" from 1984.

Limited to 500 copies.

Import from Brasil.

Broken Bones-"Dead and Gone"-10"

Different sleeve to the European version.


A1 Tread On Me
A2 Vigilante
B1 Dead And Gone
B2 City Fodder

Limited to 300 copies on Orange vinyl

CADAVER EM TRANSE-s/t 7" w/download

Countries with strict borders and immigration policies are ruining the cultural exchange, the enrichment, the fucking quality of life that is an inherent right for all of humanity. Social media is no substitute for real life experience. By denying Brazil's CADAVER EM TRANSE entry, the US government has made it impossible for us to further ourselves as a people and a community. This is bullshit.

For those of us who will not get to see this band full of productive, passionate, driven, warm hearted and artistically important people, ILR has opted to at least make their music available to you. 4 stunningly crafted gritty não wave punk charmers in the vein of MUZAK's sharp angled post punk or VZYADOQ MOE's raw wave darkness with a slight and steady undercurrent of industrial heaviness. Members of RAKTA.

400 copies of heavy duty clear/black marble vinyl in a textured pocket sleeve with insert and fancy silver sticker. Art by Murilo Pommer. Photos by Mateus Mondini.

*note, there would have been more copies but the shipping company spilled acid all over a couple of the boxes and melted the vinyl!

CRASH KILLS FIVE-What Do You Do At Night?-7" EP

CRASH KILLS FIVE exploded onto the Toronto punk scene with this self-released EP in the summer of 1980, blasting through three tracks of supremely catchy punk rock that perfectly balanced memorable song-writing with quick tempos and raw guitar attack, clearly inspired by early Ramones, Diodes and early Buzzcocks. A planned 12" follow-up was never released, as the band split up soon after, with members going on to early hardcore outfit Young Lions and legendary surf-punk band Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, leaving behind only this very collectible single. Faithful reconstruction of original artwork plus detailed new insert with tons of info for punk history geeks like us.

Canadian Import!

DEATH TRAP-"No Hicks"-7" (80's CA/HC)

Recorded in the early 80’s, and now being pressed for the first time ever, total KBD jams that will stick with you forever. Amazing material that has been languishing for far too long. Liner notes include a detailed history of the band as well as fliers.

King City is the tiny California town that spawned this band- much to its chagrin I’m sure. These songs get a lot out of a little, each revolving around a single riff, and shouted vocals that are often out of rhythm with the music, along with some sort of lead, be it a hooky wandering bassline, keyboards, or police siren guitar solo akin to the end of Social Distortion’s “Mass Hysteria”. This recording reminds me a lot of that of the Urban Waste 7″, and the overall vibe absolutely reeks of being a punk in small town America in the early 80′s, confined by conformity and narrow minds, and wanting nothing more than to get out. Also included is a brief history of the band, and an amusing anecdote about them playing “No Hicks” on their high school’s lawn. (MRR)

DISAPpointed PARents–"Am I Getting Through?"-7" (1983)

Official repress of the e.p. on Crispy Christ records.

raging LA not L.A. hardcore/punk from 1983 (fucking New Orleans people not the land of movie stars), official repress on Psycho Wolf records, 500 copies pressed, with only 250 for mailorder, band got 1/2 the pressing ...

DISKONTO "Diskontinued" 12"

Fantastic final D-takt thrash assault by the masters themselves. Diskonto have released shit loads of records in the past with not one single bad release, all killers. with this 9 track attack they present us their final recordings which continue with their classic Scandi thrash style ala Mob 47, Massgrav, Slaktrens etc etc etc.!!! Swedish classic old school hardcore, that we all love. Limited edition of 400 copies in white vinyl, 100 copies in purple vinyl.

DISTRESS “Life, Death, Rebirth” LP

First full length on vinyl by our Russian friends from St.Petersburg after numerous CD releases, the split EPp with Diskelma, the split “10 with Eskatologia, this time more METALLIC RAW HARDCORE, distress goes direction STENCHCORE and they did a great job!!! fantastic cover artwork in gate-fold sleeve two coloured.

12 new songs pressed up on 500 black vinyls and 200 yellow vinyls!

DISWAR "Sounds of War" 12"

Spanish Discharge worshipping with a release which is so cliche in music style, cover artwork and everything left, u can't beat. a rawmantic homage to the masters from the past. 11 tracks classic D-Beat raw punk. with both sided inlay!!! Limited edition of 300 copies.

DOOM-Corrupt Fucking System-LP

The vinyl comes in gatefold cover and artwork was made by Mark Skinny Orton. The recordings took place in Studios 1 in 12 Club in Bradford. Now lets get straight to the point: Corrupt Fucking System consists of fourteen tracks There are fast thunders full of wrath and power such as Suffer in Silence, Thatchercide (omg, this is THE song title of the year! and of course deals with beloved Maggie), Human Meat or the opening track Stripped, Whipped and Crucified (which first appeared in Moshpit Tragedy's Doom comp 25 Years of Crust) and catchy slower/mid paced tempo songs such as Better off Dead, Own Worse Enemy while sometimes they combine fast and mid pace (They Still Test on Dogs (with backing vocals by Charlie of Anti Cimex), Eat Shit & Buy). #2 track, Prey for our Souls its a shorta Pt2 of Stripped, Whipped and Crucified since lyrically is connected with the previous song, the eponymous track is a kind of manifest with its spoken word narrated by Fag Ash Lil, the last song Cults of Human Sacrifice is in the same vein with the use of samples. Sound wise, Bri Doom did great work and everything is perfect. Overall I would say this continues the Doom legacy in the usual high levels and adds another great chapter in their history, i can say i was surprised by the power and aggression they deliver, this stuff comes directly from late '80's and kicks ass. Looks like they are like the good wine that gets better as it gets older. Lyric wise they deliver all out political rhymes, against religion and Vatican church, consumerism, government, capitalist system, fascism etc (i think Final Hour (for the Golden Shower) deals with the Greek nazi scum rise).


With HARDCORE roots but a strong Rock n' Roll precence, never deviating from D-BEAT, ough!


Influences: DISCHARGE, AVSKUM, WOLFBRIGADE, JapCore and Texas HARDCORE among many others.


This is the limited US version (only 100 copies) on swamp green/silver A-Side B-Side wax with bronze splatters. Vinyl will ship out the week of 4/9/2012. We are really stoked on this record and you should be too!

This is a crushing debut full-length by FUTURE RUINS, a five-piece metallic crust outfit hailing from various parts of Sweden (Skåne/Göteborg/Stockholm). There are similarities from their previous incarnation of MASSMORD, however along with the name change came a more complex shift in songwriting. The result is an invariably tight hardcore punk/metal hybrid painted across a lyrically dystopian backdrop. This a wall of crash laden d-beat crust and some remarkably dark and melodic breakdowns all moving at a breakneck pace. Recorded and Mastered by Ulf Blomberg at Hobo Studios, this has a very classic Swedish death metal production sound while retaining some essential rawness. A co-operative release with Halvfabrikat (SWE), Social Bomb (DE), and Aborted Society (US).


Gasmask Terror are a d-beat band that crafts their riffs and songs more finely than their distortion pedals. Over time, they've come to master the Totalitar/No Security-idea of playing d-beat. This record, along with the Black Sun/Fake Gold LP and Like Daggers EP before it, is proof enough of that. In a world of hyped "noise not music" sloganeering (of which I am proudly a part of), it's refreshing to hear a band that doesn't include any members of Totalitar tackle this style.

GENERALI-"DEMOS 1987-1990"-Cassette

AFTERMATH TAPES proudly presents new year’s special the second one of the 80's Yugoslavian HC punk tape reissues, Zagreb own 1980's hardcore punk legends : GENERALI "DEMOS 1987-1990", official tape release remastered from the original 1'st generation master tracks by the band drummer Mario Fister - File and approved by the band members and Marin Stojić who released their tracks on the split tape with the Greek hardcore band Abolish Authority back in the 87' on his label "Beyoop Tapes".
This tape is the first ever GENERALI release on their own in Yugoslavian and Croatian punk history, it includes both tracks from the split tape and the never before released tracks from 90's demo including the all time Zagreb punk anthem "CRNI SNIJEG"(black snow).

14 tracks of Yugoslavian hardcore punk attack !!!!!!!!
GENERALI's first two demos are influenced by the Charged G.B.H and DISCHARGE, but with a distinctive Yugoslavian punk and ZGHC sound, then at the beginning of the new decade they switched their sound to a more melodic HC influenced by Nomeansno, Dag Nasty or Hüsker Dü

Zagreb, Croatia's capital had a great HC scene back in the mid/late 80's with bands such as Motus, Loše ponašanje, Patareni, Euforija, Aberacija Mozga, Hell's Bells, Sindrom, Buka, Generali etc. with the sound in the same vein like their contemporaries from other countries in the EURO HC scene, with a lot of fanzines, gigs and even a radio show on the state owned OMLADINSKI RADIO, which was not so common in the communist countries.

GENERALI also shared the stage with Yugoslav bands; Quod massacre, Vrisak generacije ,Polska Malca and USHC legends such as D.I. and MDC during their Yugoslavian tours. Unfortunately everything fell apart when the bloody war in Croatia started in the summer of 91'.

Press of 100 pro dubbed tapes (red) with pad print.

Goosebumps - Scared To See A Doctor 7"

NYC's hardcore scumlords return with their crowning achievement as a band, the Scared To See A Doctor EP. Equipped with a far superior recording and eschewing the traditional hardcore mold of their first 7", the band has begun incorporating elements of drugged-out punk classics such as Fang, Flipper, and even Butthole Surfers to create a wholly unique hardcore punk experience that could only come from Ground Zero.

Honnör SS- D-Noise Anthem-7"

Swedish Kängpunk noise.

Human Error-DIE-LP

Human Error was a hardcore punk band from Iowa City, Iowa. This LP is a remaster of their last recording, their final demo called "Die" from 1985. Nasty and raw and to the point. Get a taste of small town Midwest 80s hardcore here:

Black vinyl only. Comes with a full color 12 inch booklet with band history, lyrics, flier scans, and more.

KLAXON-s/t 7" EP

This was originally released back in 1984 by these three kids from Rome on their own Klaxon Records.

The band formed back in 1979 under a different name and during the early years released this debut 7". One year later, one of their songs was included on Quelli Che Urlano Ancora LP, one of the best punk rock/oi compilations made in Italy. However, that same year the group disbanded. The drummer played for a while with Underground Arrows while the other two joined Garcon Fatal. Still, about 10 years later the band reformed again and is nowadays playing live and recording.

This 7" represents arguably their best material. Five punk rock songs with great melodies and sang both in English and Italian. The original 7" has reached the price of about 100 euros for a copy and we´re extremely happy to bring this 7" out again together with the band.

Kollaa Kestää-Kirjoituksia kellarista-7"

Originally released on Poko Records in 1979, Kollaa Kestää's debut single consists of two tracks, Kirjoituksia kellarista and Kuumat raiteet. The Svart reissue is fully authorised and is mastered for vinyl from the original tapes. Available on limited white and standard black vinyl.

La Lucha Continua-LP Various Artists (Official/Ltd 320)

A limited repress of old 1985 comp cassette. Recorded live in Barcelona 1985 this cassette tape has for most of us being one of the only sources for AUTODEFENSA noise. Mega primitive Basque Hardcore with anarchist lyrics. Pure agression. L'ODI SOCIAL and ANTI-DOGMATIKSS should be well known for any Spanish and worldwide 80's hardcore fans. Their sets on this tape are nothing short of destruction made musik. As extras we get several extra tracks from the same live set never available on the original tape and a reproduction of the fanzine which came with the tape. All limited and numbered to 320 copies.

20 iguales para hoy
ves a sapiguer qui era
turmix generation
odio obedecer
una vez mas
jack sobrevive
la fiesta nazional
es lo que hay
estado de caos

el modelo de español
campos de cruces
ellos o tu
anti USA
el robot del futuro
i was a boy
todo por mi bien
no religion-no poder
terrorismo del poder
no racismo-no diferencia
juventud unida
solo un sueño

The Landlords-Fitzgerald's Paris-LP

Long before it began sprouting Americana bands on every corner, the sleepy college town of Charlottesville, VA boasted a punk rock scene whose ferocity belied its small size. The Landlords, along with Lackey Die and the Beef People, stood at the epicenter of the action. After releasing the highly regarded Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! LP in 1984, The Landlords returned to the legendary Inner Ear Studios over the next few years to record their second album, Fitzgerald's Paris. Restored from the original master tapes and released after almost 30 years, Fitzgerald’s Paris offers seventeen tracks of pure rock and roll mayhem. Fusing musical influences as varied as Black Flag, Chuck Berry, and Motörhead, side A’s avalanche of epigrammatic money-tunes showcases The Landlords at their peak. Side B’s plunge into the jungle of noise builds on the intense dissonance of Scratch Acid, Live Skull, and The Landlords’ own infamous spinoff duo, Happy Flowers, all the while remaining rooted in hardcore punk. No matter the style, all the tunes on Fitzgerald’s Paris are destined to delight America’s next generation of alienated youth, while infuriating school boards, police departments, and town councils everywhere. Packaging includes an 11"x22" insert containing lyrics, flyers, and unpublished photos plus a free MP3 download of bonus studio material and a live set recorded off the board at CBGB's in September 1985.

The download includes the entire record, plus bonus studio material and a soundboard recording from a CBGB's gig where The Landlords opened for COC and Mental Abuse.


LASTSENTENCE- Osaka raw noise mangel attack, current/ex members of Framtid, Ferocious X

VOCO PROTESTA- Tokyo crusty hc/thrash punk, Asocial Terror Fabrication drummer on guitar



Black vinyl.

Lion's Share-Demo-Cassette

Oi! inspired punk by a trio from St John's,Newfoundland Canada.

Manbiki Chocolate- Super Dimensional Hardcore LP

18 tracks of raging hardcore from Utsunomiya City, Japan. Includes the complete Manbiki Densetsu Part 1 8" flexi and Soloban CD tracks as well as tracks from their Manbiki Densetsu Part 2 Tape, Fuck Off Compilation, and completely unreleased tracks, all from the original masters. Includes 8 page full color booklet including a full band history, photos, and unseen full color versions of the original black and white album art.



A2-Eskupe El Crucifijo
A4-Vivir De rodillas
B1-Aprende Un Idioma
B3-Lider de Las Ratas

Perikato-Kuka hyötyy?-12" {Limited Clear vinyl}

In the vocabulary of Svart Records the word “hardcore” has no connotations to metal or adult entertainment. Instead, the word brings up images of mohawk-waving punks in studded jackets with amps cranked to eleven, blasting out burst of riffs played at speeds which break necks and damage hearing.

Enter PERIKATO, three years after their last 7 inch, with a full length album. The members have been busy with other bands such as Kohti Tuhoa, Speedtrap and Horse Latitudes. Perikato’s means of expression is classic hardcore punk in an early eighties style, often compared to bands like Kirous, Isterismo, Wretched. At times the foursome’s pummeling onslaught borders on power violence, even.

Although one might think that for a genre as relentless as hardcore punk seven inch EPs might be the best dosage, Perikato possess enough creativity to capture one’s attention for the entire span of these 18 tunes.

Limited Clear vinyl 300 copies.

Permanent Ruin-San Jose EP

New five track EP from this prolific California band, but just as brutal and uncompromising as those fantastic slabs. Just like before, you know this fucker ain't for no damn milk-babies, this is for the true punk freaks, from the blinding speed, the hard-as-fuck breakdowns, and the best vox in the biz, you'll have this one flipping on your turntable endlessly. One-color screened cover on brown stock w/ 11x17" poster/lyric sheet.


After a pretty killer earlier 7", here's the debut 12" from Texas's Porkeria. Even though Porkeria are from South Texas, their sound fits in broadly with a lot of the hardcore coming out of Austin for the past few years... with their pissed-off, Spanish-language vocals and rampaging d-beat rhythms they bear more than a passing resemblance to Vaaska, and, by extension, related bands like Criaturas and Impalers. While there are some scorching leads, this doesn't have the same virtuosic lead guitar quality as those bands, so if you like your d-beat slightly more primitive you may like this even more. I'm also hearing a lot of Japanese hardcore--Forward in particular--in the band's sound. Lately it seems like so many hardcore bands of this ilk try to differentiate themselves with some big gesture like a ridiculously raw recording, epic lead guitar, or some other thing, but Porkeria are a solid meat-and-potatoes hardcore band with catchy riffs, strong production, and powerful vocals. If you like your hardcore without the pretense I'd strongly encourage you to check this out.

Rea Respirator - "Slapp Loss Alla Band" + "Second demo" cassette.

15 songs of the fast Swedish 80s hardcore, remastered from original tracks and professionally dubbed; featuring members of Rovsvett, 16 B.U.H and Herraids and playing in the same vein, just a little faster, similar to early D.R.I, MOB 47, NEOS, S.O.D (Sweden) and early G-ANX!, permission by the band members. This is a masterpiece of the Swedish 80s hardcore history, classic Svenska hardcore killer!

(Official/LTD 100)

SEXFACE-"Village Life"-Cassette

The cassette contains one bonus track from the same session. Raging UK82 punk, for fans of G.B.H. and the like, listen for yourself!

Track 1-4 from the "Village Life" EP

Track 5 (Bonus Track) from "Still No King VOL.1" Compilation EP

Survival-Walk Into The Fire-12"

Brand new, self-released 12" from NYC's post-post-punk stalwarts. Unlike their sister band Anasazi, Survival takes a more restrained and less aggressive approach to their drum-machine post-punk style, creating a slow-building atmosphere that envelops the listener rather than bludgeon them. This is a big step up from their last flexi on Lexi's Flexis, so do not miss out on it. Recommended.

The Damned-Don't You Wish That We Were Dead-DVD {Blu Ray}

The story of the long-ignored pioneers of punk: The Damned

From "Lemmy" filmmaker Wes Orshoski comes the story of the long-ignored pioneers of punk: The Damned, the first U.K. punks on wax and the first to cross the Atlantic. "THE DAMNED: Don't You Wish That We Were Dead" includes appearances from Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jones (The Clash), Lemmy and members of Pink Floyd, Black Flag, Depeche Mode, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Buzzcocks, and more. Shot around the globe over three years, the film charts the band's complex history and infighting. It captures the band as it celebrated its 35th anniversary with a world tour and found its estranged former members striking out on their own anniversary tour, while other former members battled cancer.

Captain Sensible takes viewers on a tour of Croydon, the south London town that gave rise to the Damned.

Captain Sensible busks on the streets of Hollywood with actor/musician/comedian Fred Armisen, a huge Damned fan.

The full story of the band's involvement and eventual ousting from the Sex Pistols' fabled Anarchy in the U.K. tour of 1976 is told in detail for the first time.

2 Discs/Blue Ray

V/A - "Kaj Je Alternativa + Bonus Live 1983" LP (LTD 300)

Kaj je alternativa comp.LP with bonus songs (U.B.R. + Odpadki Civilizacije + Stres D.A.)

Originally released on tape in 1983 in quantity of 200 copies.

All songs remastered from original master tapes.

All bands biography written by original band members (Gigi for U.B.R),Kuri for Stres D.A. and Samo for Odpadki Civilizacije

The LP including lyric sheets + many photos of all the bands.

Bonus songs


*one song that was missed from 'kaj je alternativa' recordings,previously unreleased

*2 live songs recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983,previously unreleased

Stres D.A.

*one live song recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983,previously unreleased

Odpadki Civilizacije

*one live song recorded on the first hardcore gig in yugoslavia in 1983,previously unreleased

V/A-"Novi Punk Val 78-80"-LP

New Year secret is finally known!

Yes it's true,We have done work on official re-issue of Novi punk val comp LP.…/1003494

It's one of the most important punk rock record from the 80's.

There is many rare and never published photos of the bands and few words of Igor Vidmar who was the one who made it all to the original Novi punk val comp in 1981.

Limited to 300 only.

Don't buy original for xxxx $ or Euros , here is better sounding record with all bands rare photos + all other things appearing in big both side printed poster 50x70 cm!!!

V/A -"PDX Volume 2"-7"

with: Arctic Flowers, Bellicose Minds, Moral Hex, Funeral Parade

VALLEY BOYS – Drone Attack EP

Toronto's VALLEY BOYS speed through four tracks of hyperactive punk here, frenetic tempos, desperate vocals and some tasty guitar work placing this solidly in the tradition of early '80s hardcore. “Drone Attack” is no one-dimensional thrashfest, however; these veterans deliver memorable songs and relentless energy that sets this apart from any number of generic contemporary rehash outfits, and there's real character here. While sounding like no one exactly, this is exemplary trad hardcore that would fit in nicely with the likes of The Fix, early Poison Idea and The Germs LP.

Canadian import!


Vermin (Gainesville, FL) offer up these five tracks of reverb soaked hardcore punk as a follow up to their 2013 demo cassette. Self recorded, raw, and simple. While the drumming attaches itself firmly to the d-beat, there are mid tempo moments that hint at early peace punk, and there's enough off the wall guitar work to keep things interesting.


FROM MRR 'New Blood' feature:
-Reason for forming?
We wanted to play punk with just girls, no boys, no bullshit.

-What are your lyrics about?
Dominance, anarchy, female power…basically bubblegum punk and BDSM. Our singer is a domme and she is writing about her daily life and songs about our girl gang.

-How would you describe your sound?
Catchy bass heavy primitive pogo with no guitar.

Violent Party-Ex Libris-7"

Third 7" release.

Four tracks of chaotic noisecore.

Portland, Oregon

Violent Party/Chaos Destroy-Split-7"

The noisiest split 7" of all time.

Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.


Official reissue of another of the scarcest Dutch punk records that was listed in the top 25 European punk rarities in Record Collector. THE VULTURES hailed from Epe, in the middle of the Dutch Bible-Belt. They recorded this 4 Track EP in 1981 that overtime has became impossible to find. Which is a shame as it is simply a masterpiece of Dutch Punk. Loud, proud and snotty, the sound is based around a trademark chainsaw guitar tone, plodding bass, passionate vocals and overall a clear UK influence. Without doubt if this band was english they would have been on Riot City, Rot or Secret Records or seen supporting the MAU MAUS, THE EXPLOITED or both DISORDER's (Bristol and North East). Reissued replicating the artwork as originally printed but adding a few unseen full colour pictures on the reverse sleeve.

X-Adult Books-7" RSD Limited Edition

Record Store Day 2015 reissue - Yellow Vinyl.


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  • ARSON-Coho! Coho!-7" - 100% in stock
  • Ausbruch-"Harte Zeiten"-LP - 100% in stock
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