Dezerter‎–Ku Przyszłości-7" {Official reissue}


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This year marks 35 years since the establishment of Deserter (once known as the SS-20). On this occasion, together with the team, we have decided to resume their first, the legendary single. As 33 years ago, and now it appears only on vinyl, with this little difference that the tracks were newly mastered, and the cover looks like, as I then wanted to see the team and for obvious reasons, this was not possible.
Premiere will take place 19 | 8 | 16 on the Shell where the Festival Bydgoszcz Deserter game your concert.

Sevens effort is limited.

The cover has a poster format x 55.50 37.00 cm.

A memorable recording session, the band writes:
Recorded in May 1983 in Warsaw, in the Studio Tonpressu. Executor was Wlodek Kowalczyk, a Deserter he composed of Robert "Robal" Matera – guitar, vocals, Krzysztof Grabowski – drums, Dariusz "Scandal" Hajn – vocals, Dariusz "Stepâ" Stepnowski – bass, backing vocals. Music by Robert Matera, Krzysztof Grabowski wrote the texts. The whole project was coordinated by Tomasz "Majones" Wiśniewski.

To enter the recording studio, you had to have the consent of the main Audit Office Publications and performances that is censorship. For each word officially registered had to agree to censor. We have the twelve texts, the back four. To this day we do not know why these numbers were passed. We can only guess that the official censorship do not understand.

By joining the recordings we had only enthusiasm and lots of good energy. We did not have their own equipment, or any experience in Studio work. Sound of the band on this album is the result of our ideas, borrowed equipment and executor, which for the first time in my life recorded punk rock. Fortunately, it turned out that Wlodek Kowalczyk is extremely positive person and helped us as only he could, at the same time watched our actions. I should also mention Help Make Proniewicza, who has taken the risk of release of this EP-ki in Tonpressie, the State company label, other then it was not. And its share had including journalist Marek Wiernik, who first wrote about us positive notes in the cenzurowanej press and became interested in Deserter head Tonpressu.

The first edition of the disc sold a quantity of ok. 35 000 copies. Despite the great interest in the EP was never resumed. This release is the first re-issue after 33 years.


A1-Ku Przyszłości
A2-Spytaj Milicjanta
B1-Szara Rzeczywistość