FEAR OF GOD “Under the chainsaw – Complete Demos 1987″ DIE-HARD PICTURE DISC LP

Image of FEAR OF GOD “Under the chainsaw – Complete Demos 1987″ DIE-HARD PICTURE DISC LP


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FEAR OF GOD‘s recordings in the most complete and quality-obsessed way, “Under the chainsaw” comes as the 3rd installment in the series after the s/t 21 track EP 1988 and “As statues fell” 12″. It consists of what back in 1993 came out as their cult “Konserven” EP (FOG’s official Demo 1987 on vinyl) + a huge bonus of 22 songs taken from alternate (and unreleased) tapes recorded in the same period or even before, when the band had just been formed.

As the singer Erich Keller states “The material on this 12” EP documents the development of our sound. There was never any intention to release any of these recordings with the exception of the demo tape, which was previously released on a 7” EP entitled ‘Konserven’.“ You don’t need many words to explain how this sounds like. Every single frame of FEAR OF GOD is the most extreme and brutal delivery of what has been ever conceived in the clash of sounds between Noisecore and Hardcore. As Erich adds: “Hardcore, grindcore, death metal, noise, fuckshitupism – whatever. We didn’t agree on much, but on the following we were unanimous – that Fear Of God should be the most extreme band in the world, or as we would say, the most “brutal.” Every member of the band was under pressure to deliver his contribution with the utmost intensity. The drums had to go as fast as possible, the guitars should grind out riffs as well as produce a wall of noise, the bass and backing vocals should lay the heavily distorted grounds for the overall basic structure and I did everything I could to make my voice sound non-human.“ And this record shows the band’s first step in a short-lived yet hyper-generative progression that made of them one of the most impactful and radical harbingers of Hardcore pushed to inhuman limits of anger and aural destruction.

Housed in a thick reverse board gatefold jacket with special half white half transparent UV-spot print and A2 poster, including extensive liner notes by Erich Keller and rare/unreleased photos and flyers. And an extra surprise, did you ever expect to hear Fear Of God shredding ND’s “Scum”? It’s all in here.

DIE-HARD PICTURE DISC LP ltd to 166 copies