Fracaso Second 7"

Image of Fracaso Second 7"


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These guys love the hardcore of BSN, KURO and DISCHARGE. They come from Caracas, Venezuela and they have a new 7 inch out! The recording comes from the same session they did for their previous 7”. They saved 4 longer and more mid-tempo songs for this record. Their deliver comes in the same chaotic and inept way. The only way they know how to “play”. Right now the band is spread between 3 different continents, so this might be their last record. Members of FRACASO had to leave their home city because the reality they lived in Caracas was intolerable. But just before they did, they recorded this little humble 7”.

It was released for their tour in Europe just a couple of months ago. The record sold out fast and here is a repress for South and North America.

Comes with screen printed artwork made by the band.