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Mid 80's Japanese HC/punk with Tam. (Stalin, etc …)

paired with

Post G-Zet, with ex-Bitosuha and Sekinintenka members. After Tam suddenly disappeared one night after making a call from the pay phone both while they were on tour, Naoki from Lip Cream played the guitar for the rest of tour.

Bradbury (often mistake for bloodbery) was later g-zet incarnation, when Jun from sekinin tenka and Hiromi from Bitousha/Rebel joined.
Hiromi, originally the female guitar player of both bands did vocals. Unfortunatly nothing was ever recorded with this line up, but some really good live recordings exist were they do a mix of g-zet and bitousha songs.


comes with a double sided insert and sticker

label: G-zet records, fanclub release, Swedish import LTD 198 copies