GENETIC CONTROL-First Impressions-LP {Official reissue}

Image of GENETIC CONTROL-First Impressions-LP {Official reissue}


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We are glad to announce the first official reissue of Genetic Control's 1984 first impressions EP.This 35th anniversary edition will be released as a full length vinyl with loads of never before released tracks from the Genetic Control vaults.


1. Love Rat
2. Brave New World
3. Urban Cowboy
4. 1984
5. Suburban Life
6. Dirty Rockers
7. First Impression

1. Love Rat (2nd version)
2. Brave New World (2nd version)
3. Urban Cowboy (2nd version)
4. 1984 (2nd version)
5. Love Rat (3rd version)
6. First Impressions (2nd version)
7. Dirty Rockers (2nd version)