Image of GENOGEIST-Demo-Cassette


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PDX Stenchcore crust ! 5 tracks new recording demo in vein of Japanese ghost of Antisect S.D.S and Misery. Raw, crust and dirty sound deliver for you!.

Raw and primitive stenchcore from Portland, Oregon: Genogeist is a new band with members involved in many other well known bands (Despair, Dodladge,GAASP, Terminal Conquest, Vastation, etc) and here's their first demo. delivering five songs of heavy,filthy Apocalyptic cyber crust . The demo lasts for nearly sixteen minutes and brings old school stenchcore with mid paced speed, metalic riffs and rough vocals, all these seem coning straight from the past with a strong Japanese metallic crust flavor (S.D.S., Effigy).