HEDO-“1985:Memory of Bloody Hands”-LP


1985: ultrafast noisy Hardcore unearthing the blasting roots of the speed legend IRONFIST TATSUSHIMA later in CROW, DIE YOU BASTARD!, SCAMP, FIGHTBACK and many other bands that made history in Japanese HC and extreme underground… Their complete session from the super-rare split tape with The Spots, 23 songs of nonstop fast, catastrophic Ultracore-Thrash… the very first Japanese blast-beats ever recorded in Japan!

Mastered from the original tape, comes with an insert providing a detailed biographic note in Japanese and English written by Ironfist himself… Here’s a short excerpt to give you an idea: “..our aim was to do some noisy and fast Hardcore, and what we mostly had in mind back then was CONFUSE, because they were seen as the fastest band in Japan. But every time we practiced the level of speed of the songs was getting faster and faster, quickly surpassing CONFUSE“. Get ready to be blasted!



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