LEUKAEMIA-1984 Demo-7" {Official release}

Image of LEUKAEMIA-1984 Demo-7" {Official release}


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Leukaemia were a UK hardcore band who existed from the early to mid 1980’s. They came from Peterborough and Stamford in the East of England. They were part of a thriving punk scene in that area at the time which included other notable bands such as The Destructors, English Dogs and countless others. Their influences at the time were bands like The Stranglers, Rudimentary Peni, Discharge and US hardcore which you can hear in their songs. This 7” EP was originally their 1st demo tape recorded in a studio in Peterborough during November, 1984. It was hugely popular in the punk and hardcore tape trading circles of the 80’s but somehow was quite a task locating a good quality copy to re-master for this vinyl release.
After parting ways with their singer, Tucker, in 1985, the band continued with another singer, Rat, who was also from Stamford. They recorded a second demo tape which remains unreleased.
This release is limited to 250 copies only.

The cathedral town of Peterborough situated in East Anglia seems an unlikely spot for a punk explosion ,but in 1982 that is what exactly happened. It may have been caused by the juxtaposition of the fen towns such as Wisbech contrasting with the majestic Lincolnshire towns such as Stamford with it's private schools and Elizabethan history but Peterborough became a centre for the Punks of nearby towns and villages as far reaching as Cambridge and Kings Lynn to gather.
Momentum had already been gathering thanks to the 7" releases of local bands The Now "Development Coorporation" (1977) , The Dole "New Wave Love" (1978 ) and The Blanks "Northern Ripper (1979) but the touch paper was lit in 1982 when The Destructors released The EP "Senseless Violence" EP. One of the songs "Death Squad" was adopted by these gatherings of the masses . Among them were members of the Stamford bands "The Herberts" and "Anti Scab" , Graeme Baker , Geoff Hayward and Tim Head who with the help of gregarious punkabout-town : "Tucker", formed LEUKAEMIA . As the scene thrived and became more politically lent and DIY , Leukaemia were one of the Peterborough punk bands that emerged when the term "Hardcore" was being first used to coin UK punk that took an influence from the anarcho scene such as Crass and Conflict , the heavier sound by Discharge and Anti Sect and the wave of USA Hardcore bands that was beginning to circulate . Leukaemia worked hard to gain attention and spread their message. Despite their situation of being pretty much broke , they managed to support a huge amount of reputable punk bands and raise the cash together to record two demoes. This 7" EP was originally their 1st demo tape and recorded in a studio in Peterborough during November 1984 and was extremely popular in the punk and hardcore tape trading circles of the 80's.

Tucker left Leukaemia in 1985 and the band soldiered on briefly with another singer (Alley Rat) .
Gizz Butt (Prodigy, English Dogs, The Destructors), June 2016


A1-Intro & 3rd World Annihilation
A2-Billy The Kid
A3-New Years Revolution
A4-Roman Conquest
B5-Pain & Suffering
B6-Reactor Disaster


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