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AGE OF COLLAPSE-Burden of Beast-LP (Clear Vinyl)

While undeniably melodic crust at it’s core, Burden of Beast, the first LP from San Diego based hardcore outfit, AGE OF COLLAPSE, traverses a very thin genre line occasionally teetering into the realms of related punk, metal, doom and more. Harsh vocals backed by crushing distortion give way to atmospheric, reverb laden interludes, which personify the bands complex, almost schizophrenic songwriting. Contempt for humanity and it’s deconstruction of the natural world gives life to a tragic landscape that plays out as the main theme of this powerful and inventive record. Recorded at Big Fish Studios by Dan Maier and mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall.

This is the clear vinyl version, limited to 400 copies, includes mp3 download card and printed lyric insert.

Avverkad-"S/T" EP

D-beat raw punk from massacre from Berlin.

Their Debut on vinyl. 300 copies only!!!

BAD RELIGION-S/T (Public Service comp tracks 1981)


Bad Religion
Drastic Actions

Includes two sided lyric sheet.

Broken Patterns 7" EP

BROKEN PATTERNS delivers these tunes with snotty vocals,catchy riffs and awesome lyrics that Los Angeles has been known for since the 80's. You know what I'm talking about, right? That 80's punk style driven by the angst,energy and craziness of So Cal city life that reaped through the 80's and has since had a great influence on other punk bands through out the last 30 years such as themselves and others like regulations,young wasteners, no hope for the kids....this ep is AWESOME!! Covers and lyric sheets were all printed by the bands. 300 pressed, 45rpm, blank labels...

Confront-"The Curtain Of An Intense Attack"-7"

Mie city HC! Anthemic and powerful Japanese hardcore.

DEAD MEAT-1984 demo-7" ep

After Septic psychos broke up the two brothers formed a new band called no dead meat after they got a steady lineup they decided to change their name to dead meat because not everyone in the band was vegetarian. In 1984 the band recorded 5 tracks for v/a comp tape these five tracks have now been pressed onto wax for the first time with unseen photos and info about the band. This is a limited one time only pressing of 300

150 of each cover.


After a string of great demos and an aborted EP this young punks finally see their first release on vinyl. Three high intensity hardcore songs which sound aggressive and noisy. Hailing from NYC they have a youthful approach to an old formula. DISORDER, DISCHARGE, STOOGES, CONFUSE. All mixed up and recorded following the old "all knobs to the right" method. 500 press on silk-screen pocket sleeves.

DISCOVER-"Food For the War Machine-7"

Noisy D-beat Raw Punk attack outta Gothenburg. 6 tracks crashing Dis-Noise incl. covers of Kaaos and Warcollapse.


Disflesh... One of the bands less valued in the picture crust state...
Forjados with more than 25 years of activity in various formations
Disorder dares with them........
Topics to mix the crust Classical.. D - beat..... Less than two minutes need these uncles to transmit their anger....... With a riff of guitars ke they fit perfectly in the scene of the metal underground.... A cassette full we go.
professionally printed.

14 tracks Including a cover of Anti-Dogmatiks and IV Reich.


Raw and pissed off hardcore punk from Denmark. Bombastic and devastating, Copenhagen's DOGMATIST combine the punch to the gut of churning crust with elements of Scandi DBeat and an over-the-top presentation more reminiscent of modern blown out crasher crust acts. Whining vocals raise the hair on your arms, commanding attention and setting them apart from the flock. These dudes know exactly what they are doing. Ex Death Token, Love Potion, Hjertestop to name a few.

Doom-Doomed again Double LP

Second volume in the Doom reissue series

Doomed to Extinction split 7" w/ Extinction of Mankind (1994 Ecocentric Records)

Hail to Sweden 7" (1995 Pandora's Box)

Monarchy Zoo 7" (1996 Vinyl Japan)

split 10" w/ Cress (1998 Flat Earth)

plus several compilation tracks and unreleased tunes, mandatory!!!

DREAM DATES-Surfer Joe-7" 45

The final single from this excellent Hamilton band, culled from the same 1979 session that gave us their "Moans on the Phone" and "Mess You're In" 45s. A-side's a ripping rendition of a lesser-known Surfaris number, while the flip attacks Freddie Cannon's "Tallahassee Lassie" in similar fashion, all blazing, dirty guitars, sneering vocals and amphetamine pace. If you heard the first two singles, you know what to expect-- pure late '70s North American-style punk rock in the vein of Dead Boys, Heartbreakers, Teenage Head and The Users. Not technically a reissue, but it sure fits the theme. 500 press, black vinyl, no gimmicks.

Canadian Import!


Debut 7"EP from Prague´s d-beat pack

Phobia Records
525 pressed
black wax
cooperation w/ ABC Distro and Riotstarter Records

God's Will-This is God's Will-7"

Unreleased tracks from the same recording session as their now classic 7" "Hey Youre On My Property Now Son!" recorded back in 1983.


God´s Will - Black Eye
Hawaiian Punch

Limited to 250 copies!

Go Filth Go-5 Track EP

Ultra-distorted D-beat noise a la´ DISCLOSE! 5 tracks earbleeding raw punk massascre from Greece.

ILEGAL-Callejon Sin Salida EP

Callejon Sin Salida

Comes with translated lyric insert.

JJ 180 – Talk Talk b/w Classroom 7″

JJ 180 got its start in 1977 when a group of teenagers came together around the art and music that had influenced them growing up in the 1970’s in Santa Cruz, CA. They were: Polio Ferrari (keyboards), Wally Sound (guitar), Tora Brooks (bass), Walter McKee (guitar) and Caker Calloway (drums). Their music was a hybrid of the then emerging punk sound as well as 1960’s surf, garage and psychedelic music. The band was a keystone of the Santa Cruz punk scene and organized many important early punk & new wave shows in their hometown. After establishing a local following, they released a single and a few songs on compilations. The original line up lasted until 1979, when Walter left the band and they changed their name to “The Realtors.”

A search of the band’s archive has yielded two unreleased gems from their original recording session in March 1978: “Talk Talk,” a cover of the classic Music Machine song and “Classroom” a JJ 180 original featuring the band’s trademark dueling guitar solos and confrontational attitude.

Available in 7″ white, black or random vinyl.
Includes glossy photo / bio insert.

KIKEIJI "s/t" 3 song EP (Official Reissue)

KIKEIJI "s/t" 3 song EP This is offcial repress of greatest Japanese punk regend again from ADK!!! It was first released of ADK, and original format was flexi.


Kuzle (the Bitches) belongs to the core of second wave of Slovenian punk from the early 80’s.

In my opinion they were simply one of the best bands - they had everything a good punk band needs: brilliant courageous rebellious lyrics that melted in good played energetic music.

They were very expressive and explosive live and stole the stage every time they played.

They really had all they needed to make it.

Like many other quality bands from ex-Yu (Termiti,Problemi, Mrtvi Kanal…) what made them so good and interesting was what hindered them from getting what they deserved; a record deal. They were seen as too rebellious and inappropriate.

But they still made enough of an impression to get their well-deserved cult status.

The only vinyl tracks they left were the four songs on the punk compilation "Lepo je .." LP from 1982. Shortly thereafter, the band stopped playing.

The 23 songs (10 live and 13 studios) that are on this LP are the band's own selections from their archives that I hope can give a good picture of how dangerous KuZLe was.

800 copies (450 black, 250 LTD red and 100 LTD clear) in great 4-color gate-fold and various inner with lyrics in English, photos, materials, etc… 500 copies w/ CD

All songs are remastered!!!

These are on clear vinyl!!!!


Double Lp Discography from the classic Dutch SE thrash outfit. I think this is basically same as a record that came out on Coalition a few years ago, but back in print.

The Discography double LP contains the following records: Complete Campaign For Musical Destruction LP Originally released as a split LP with Stanx on "Er Is Hoop/Eenheidsfront Records" (1984) No One Can Be That Dumb EP Originally released as a EP on "Lärm Records" (1985) Straight On View LP Originally released as a LP on "One Step Ahead Records" (1986) Nothing Is Hard If You Dare To Scale The Heights EP Originally released as a EP on "Definite Choice Records" (1987)




Modern Pets–s/t-LP

Finally! After two nut slashing 7″s comes the debut LP from Germany’s answer to the Briefs – the MODERN PETS! This time around you get 12 KILLER mid-tempo smashers that will once again slash open your sac and leave your nuts bouncing aimlessly around your living room…Melodies, muscle, hooks and balls! With the Briefs and Shocks in hibernation, it looks like we may have a new king of the ’77 jungle…

Limited to 250 copies…Pressed on green vinyl. Comes in a 2-sided fold over cover with lyrics printed on the inside.

Affected People
Crown Of Creation
Asphalt Cowboy Syndrome
Five Finger Discount
The Modern Pet
Pascal Gaspard Asshole Youth

Dead But Smelly
The Last Nanosecond Of The Universe
Punk + 0 = Still 0
Sunalley Bustle


A deluxe re issue of this long lost material from 1980's Dutch hardcore band Neuroot. Many people know this band from their killer 7" and appearance on the PEACE comp. Recorded 1985 at Emma in Amsterdam, this studio session was meant to be the Neuroot side of the split LP with Fratricide on Pusmort. Pushead pressed 25 test pressings of this Lp but never put it into production, making it one of the rarest hardcore records of the 1980s. This is re pressed as a 45 rpm 12", gatefold sleeve and sweet 80's style layout (no half assed pixelated cover art here) Neuroots demos were re issues by Coaltion a few years ago as well.

colored vinyl sold-out!

Panikos - Awakening From Lethargy LP (US Press)

Panikos was one of the classic crust bands from the 90's that made "Greek crust" something notable to collectors. Their previous records are to be filed with Chaotic End, Forgotten Prophecy, Naytia, Anasa Staxti, Negative Stance, etc etc. The Greeks took the classic English and American crust sounds and transformed them into their own unique ideas and expressions.

So imagine my delight to be able to release the first new Panikos recordings in over 10 years. And it was worth the wait, they're better than ever. This record uses Amebix and Neurosis as a starting point and then takes those ideas in a distinctly more rocking direction. Clean and heavy sound that feels natural and organic rather than overproduced and sterile.

European press available on Scarecrow Records out of Greece.

PAZAHORA / ENSLAVE split cassette

Promising split for this year. Featuring dark crust band outta Singapore, Pazahora and this time they deliver it quite raw, heavy yet powerful crust tune. 4 songs for the fan of dark beer. Enslave present more melodic side on this split deliver four songs as well with super catchy emotional hardcore blend with some crust fusion. Powerful, honest and straight up emotional hardcore tune. It comes with a nice Silver hotstamping print in 310g thick paper and a free sticker.


PDX hardcore.

Poor Lifestyle-These Times-7" EP

The first time I heard them I thought that it was a unreleased Demo tape from the Circle Jerks, so there you have their inspiration and what they sound like.



Hogy Jutottunk Idáig?
Pusztulunk, Gurulunk
Csoki Felmondott
Bekapkodunk, Elkapkodunkz
A Világ Nem Változik

Comes with lyric insert.

SCABEATER "South East Asian Tour" cassette

This cassette is the tour version. Compile their great 7" release and their demo release.

Straight up, intense raw hardcore from Melbourne.

SpokAnarchy! V/A LP (Red Vinyl)

SpokAnarchy! chronicles the manic highs and desperate lows in the emergence of the alternative music scene in culturally barren Spokane, Washington. Before MTV, before the Internet and cell phones, Spokane seemed a long way from anywhere. A small group of bored teenagers banded together to make art and music and live a lifestyle that tested the social and moral boundaries of conservative America.

From the late 70s through the 1980s, Spokane had a diverse array of bands in sound and style. Like many small scenes, often times wildly different acts would appear on the same bill. Especially in the early days, shows were not a regular event and with so few bands some bands lasted only one show.

Most of these bands were formed in Spokane and existed only then and there. Some towards the bottom of the page were formed by Spokanites who moved away. Some of these tracks were recorded in professional studios, but most were recorded on a humble 4-track tape recorder (or worse!) in a living room. All are passionate, unique, and show the range of what came out of “the world’s largest hick town” in the 1980’s.

1. I Need Electricity (Sweet Madness)
2. Brainwashed Bimbos (PP-Ku)
3. Let Us Go Then (Doubtful Nonagenarians)
4. This is Spokane, Fuck L.A. (Terror Couple)
5. Fiction (Strangulon)
6. Artful Advertising (The Necromancers)
7. Overdose O.K. (S & M)
8. Plasma (Vampire Lezbos)
9. Noisy Boys (M'NA M'NA)
10. Don't Mind Walking (Cattle Prod)
11. Sharon Tate (TFL)
12. Remo Bang Bang (Social Bondage)
13. Mind Moguls (The Moo Cow Orchestra)
14. Concrete River (Sweet Madness) * CD ONLY
15. It Hurts (Vampire Lezbos) * CD ONLY
16. Whipsawed (TFL) * CD ONLY

STRESSORS-s/t-7" (CA HC / LTD 330)

After a slurry of cassette demos this is Stressors' debut wax... Eight tracks of Paranoia, Isolation, Ousted faith in humanity, and demented rejection interpreted by four Bay Area mongos, that take you through a neck-snapping, brain-bruising car-jack of dynamic hardcore and internal rage. Limited to 330 copies total. 110 on GREEN VINYL, 50 of which the band took on tour.

*note* I hand glued and assembled all 300 covers, so if you're gonna complain that the copy you ordered has a glue stain, please don't order.

Black vinyl only!

Trench Rot-"Tyrant"-7"

Latest and greatest 7" from these So Cal HC warriors. Rejecting the more traditional d-beat approach the band injects a huge amount of early USHC influence into their Discharge-tinged riffs, bringing to mind trailblazers such as the legendary Poison Idea. They are not simply paying homage though, they are jumping out from the pack of trendy d-beat and rehash HC to bring a record with an incredibly powerful sound and incredibly catchy songs. On this recording they have stayed away from the "raw ponx" trend that is sweeping Los Angeles and instead opted for a brighter and cleaner recording to capture the power that these juggernauts have.

The Wankys- Knock One Out CD

Brand new studio album by the Wankys (their 3rd) released on CD by Hardcore Kitchen contains 13 songs plus two bonus songs exclusive to this Japanese release. The Noise Punk continues. Amazing and Unique artwork made by Uno and No6 from Chaos Channel with Obi.

15 songs in total (2 bonus songs from the Poundland 7")

TZN XENNA-"1981-2011"-7" EP

The year 1981 - Political Unrest is culminating. The "communist" government in Poland Sends army tanks and troops to the streets in order to MAINTAIN the status quo. Frustration and the fear of tomorrow are Reaching Their limits. The omnipresent paranoia and tear gas. In a dry Circumstances, the second wave of Polish punk rock is developing. From now it's more angry, consistent, direct and thick in terms of the sounds and aesthetics. During These Times, and the band, Which will soon become one of the driving force of this wave Appears-that Xenna. The year 2011 - exactly 30 years have passed since the These above-described events and 24 years since the band's disappeared. Summer of 2011 TZN Xenna has come back to life, Causing a lot of feedback around. They remind Their old songs and at the same time work on new ones. TZN Xenna That shows a band is not only a sentimental journey into the past but also a new quality of music and new issues for Their lyrics (like "Kalashnikov" about recent Breivek's mass-killing in Norway). The 7 "ep Which We would like to present you recorded on the occasion of the Xenna's 30'th birthday. It contains two songs from the early days of the band Which had not been recorded in the studio before but they are also brand new song. All the songs were recorded in 2011 and mastering was done by Jarek "Smok" Smak (As One Studio, Post Regiment). In This Way We Were Able to expand the band's limited discography. Apart from the tracks included on the compilations ("How punk is a punk "and" Victim of a safety pin "), after releasing" The children of the dirty street "7" (1985), this will be the second vinyl release for TZN Xenna.



Warvictims/Skunk-Split EP

This awesome split ep was on hold for 2 years but the time has come to finally invade the homes and dirty squats of Råpunk lovers and old-school grind freaks! You all know Warvictims by now, 20 top-notch releases packed with relentless d-beat and razor-sharp guitars, check their blog for info & free downloads. Skunk hail from Canada and deliver some of the best no-bullshit grindcore that bring to mind bands like Disrupt & Warsore, no clean, good-looking, Relapse-style stuff here!

Limited to 500 copies.

Zack Zack–Wir Haben Zeit-LP

From the ashes of THE SHOCKS rises ZACK ZACK with their debut 11 song LP. Not familiar with THE SHOCKS? Shame on you. THE SHOCKS were the best band from Germany of the last decade with their BRIEFS meets THE KIDS ’77 punk rock perfection. ZACK ZACK is made up of 2 of the 3 SHOCKS members and continues where THE SHOCKS left off with their patented quirky-jerky jolts mixed with German/English lyrics but they now sweeten the hooks up with a bit of power pop to give you a near perfect LP of PogoPowerPopPunk (is that a new genre?)……LP comes with a fold over 2 sided-reversible LP jacket.

Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl.

Was Ist Dein Bio-arsch Wert
Chemische Reaktion
Yes Sir

Arkaden Girl
(what The) Economy (is For)
Rasierter Affe
Social End Product


  • AGE OF COLLAPSE-Burden of Beast-LP (Clear Vinyl)- - 100% in stock
  • Avverkad-"S/T" EP - 100% in stock
  • BAD RELIGION-S/T (Public Service comp tracks 1981)-7"- - 100% in stock
  • Broken Patterns 7" EP - 100% in stock
  • Confront-"The Curtain Of An Intense Attack"-7" - 100% in stock
  • DEAD MEAT-1984 demo-7" ep - 80% in stock
  • DEFORMITY-Shards-7" - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • DISFLESH-..FUCK EM ALL..CASSETTE - 50% in stock
  • Dogmatist-7" - 100% in stock
  • Doomed-Doomed Again Double LP - 100% in stock
  • DREAM DATES-Surfer Joe-7" 45 - 100% in stock
  • FEAR OF EXTINCTION debut 7" - 100% in stock
  • God's Will-This is God's Will-7" - 33% in stock
  • Go Filth Go-5 Track EP - 75% in stock
  • ILEGAL-Callejon Sin Salida EP - 80% in stock
  • JJ 180 – Talk Talk b/w Classroom-7″ - 100% in stock
  • KIKEIJI "s/t" 3 song EP (Official Reissue) - 73% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Modern Pets–s/t-LP - 100% in stock
  • NEUROOT-RIGHT IS MIGHT-12" - 100% in stock
  • Panikos - Awakening From Lethargy LP (US Press) - 100% in stock
  • PAZAHORA / ENSLAVE split cassette - 100% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Poor Lifestyle-These Times-7" EP - 100% in stock
  • RAKOSI—2nd EP - 100% in stock
  • SCABEATER "South East Asian Tour" cassette - 75% in stock
  • SpokAnarchy! V/A LP (Red Vinyl) - 100% in stock
  • STRESSORS-s/t-7" (CA HC / LTD 330) - 100% in stock
  • Trench Rot-"Tyrant"-7" - 100% in stock
  • The Wankys- Knock One Out CD - 100% in stock
  • TZN XENNA-"1981-2011"-7" EP - 50% in stock
  • VIVISEKTIO-'Naamaiset'-CASSETTE - 100% in stock
  • Warvictims/Skunk-Split EP - 100% in stock
  • Zack Zack–Wir Haben Zeit-LP - 100% in stock