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Let's look back when MERRY GOROUND was formed...
BOREDOMES (pre-MERRY GOROUND) was 1st punk band at Himeji area and formed at Aioi-city, Hyogo-pref, Japan.

Vocal/Bass: Murata Murazō
Guitar: Ziggie
Drum: Oka Shitarou

BOREDOMES by the above 4 persons started as a cover band of INU (One of 1st punk generation in Osaka, 1979-1981) on 1981 and released 2-tracks casssette "Akutoku Kamiyui / Boots To Gyuuniku" (their title means Crooked beautician / Boots and meat) .

"Boots To Gyuuniku" is just a song of FUNA as new band by Machizō Machida formed after INU broke up. He accepted
BOREDOMES remade and recorded this song.
By the way Machizō just also gave a name to Murata Murazō (who sometimes introduced himself as Kira-Murazō, too).

BOREDOMES had to stop playing due to sickness of Murazou whom Ziggie respected like his real brother.
Ziggie talked with Murazou by telephone between nursing station and aseptic room just before Murazou passed away.
Murazou conveyed his intent Ziggie to let him continue playing with the band to cover his part at the last conversation between them.
(Murazou passed away in spite of his young age.)
Ziggie formed a new band MERRY GOROUND (named by Murazou) to follow his advice.

Vocal: Oka Shitarou
Bass: Ziggie
Guitar: Naoto Fukatsu
Drum: Zisatsu Youki

MERRY GOROUND didn't play for any show with the above line up at last.
According to Ziggie's blog, Fukatsu moved to Tokyo and played with Gastunk and QOP in a short period.

After then Destoroy Kunikane joined the band as bassist and Ziggie started playing a guitar then.
At that time some trouble against Yakuza, biker gang and rude boys by Oka Shitarou in Himeji town escalated.

Vocal: Oka Shitarou
Guitar: Ziggie
Bass: Destroy Kunikane
Drum: Zisatsu Youki

They played at Himeji and Kyoto then, but some trouble happened at the show and private trouble by Oka Shitarou reached the peak. At last he left word "I cannot play with the band any more" by telephone and he had to be in life on the run.
No one saw him for several years after then.

This time HARIMAU ASIA, new label under BRONZE FIST RECORDS releases this seven inches vinyl with 8 tracks from their cassette tape released on 1983.
The sound is so hard as same as Kuro, Kyushu hardcore that Ziggie was influenced in those days.

The gig violence still continued getting out of control after released the cassette and even members could not walk down in Himeji town and hard to continue playing more.
As a result they had to stop playing after the show in Takasago-city.

But Ziggie determined in continue playing with MERRY GOROUND to follow Murazou's spirit and started singing on 1984.
They grew up as the representative punks in Himeji well-known by Japanese old punk fan after then.


Live At Himeji (1983.10.16)

No War
Kill The Stalin
At Studio Milk (1983.12.3)

Vacant World
Kioku No Kakera
In The City