Pig DNA –"Strong Throat"-7"

Image of Pig DNA –"Strong Throat"-7"


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There are countless bands that have worshiped noise-not-music in the tradition exemplified by some weirdos from Stockholm, Osaka, Milan, Sao Paolo, and Portland City. And yet today, decades into distortion 'til deafness, far too many of these bands have the clothes and the pedals but not the power. In recent years, the best band in a sea of hapless pretenders has been the Bay Area's PIG DNA, who appeared on the scene smoking weed and understanding discharge, and then disappeared all too soon. This is their final recorded work, two "songs" of the nonsense noize that we love, a perfect encapsulation of their raw sound and fury. Limited to a pressing of 212, this two-sider is the perfect chaos non-musica against our trash society.


Strong Throat


Limited to 212 copies.