RADIO BLANK-The Mary Whitehouse-7" E.P.


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RADIO BLANK, a four-piece punk outfit featuring Dave Balfe and Alan Gill, both future members of THE TEARDROP EXPLODES, together with Keith Hartley and Steve Brick, got together in November ’76 as the first wave of punk exploded across England.

They paid their dues, hauling their wild, tight, high-speed, angry punk energy all over Merseyside playing most often at Eric’s Club in Liverpool.

Not always easy gigs as the charged atmosphere often made it a good excuse for a punch-up, Radio Blank battled on helped by their wildly enthusiastic supporters to become one of Merseyside's premier punk outfits.

Their tenure may have been short – winding things up in October ’77 – but it was definitely memorable.

Thought lost until recent times – the band having released no music in their single year together - forty year old live tapes were discovered and the raucous noise of 1977 released.

"Like many of our generation, punk grabbed us by the scruff of the neck,” said Dave Balfe.

“…cropped our hair, tightened our jeans, and dragged us out screaming and yelling across the stages of the local towns. There were fights, there were tears, there was laughter, there was a roaring racket of badly tuned guitars and cheap drums. But by the time it let us go we were changed forever!"

The Mary Whitehouse E.P. features 4 original raw, savage, fast paced RnR snarling with attitude tracks: Mary Whitehouse, No More, Rock & Roll Toilet and G.L.C.

The video here is the snotty furious fun of MARY WHITEHOUSE.