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This hard-hitter first came out in 1982 (Self-Released), recorded by Mickey Kodak in the bands practice room, with only two microphones. 70 of the 500 copies had a alternative cover art, this one is impossible to find. The normal one has not been sold under 200 Euros in the last years - and is really really rare. So we thought its time to bring this important austrian punk record back to the record shelves, for a normal price, with some extra gimmicks!

SCHUND was Bobby, Harry, Stefan and Doris. Punk was the thing to do in Vienna in 1981, there were squat areas, some bands, locatione for live gigs, even underground bars (one of them run by Doris in a squat called GAGA). Shortly after they recorded the songs for this 7”, Doris got hit my a motocycle and had to stay in hospital for some time. She got financial compensation for her injuries, took the money and invested it in pressing this SCHUND 7”. Of course they didnt have proper distribution, they just sold some copies at shows or whenever they needed money. No wonder that this is one of the rarest gems aus the austrian punk history.

The 7” includes all four tracks, slightly remastered, with a printed insert, sticker (rare cover design) and one randomly added band photo.