SICKz-(exSICK BABIES) Fuck System-EP

Image of SICKz-(exSICK BABIES) Fuck System-EP


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Hardcore punk band that has been active mainly in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture , 7 4 songs '14 years SICKz of ( Shikkuzu ) from own label , " pessimistic label" members of screams run " through the punk rock band supercocks single ! 90s , and activities resume as after conversion sickbabies hardcore punk style to enter the 00 's, renamed SICKz last year ! work now to be the sole work of the band the first time in my life of them! ! to maternal hardcore of Japan such as Suwankizu , the sound of punk rock band , the edge Ruffin nose yelling to hear mid-term 80s , members engrossed in the days of the mid- teens beginning , lip balm , vomiting , gauze , from Cobra show off the sound of worked ! hasty played a solid and hard and Japanese vocals incite exquisite tune , momentum distinguished ! some sharp simple riding the tension music chorus was also sandwiched pinpoint , it is the Yarra to the sound that is glaring ! including the UK SUBS, and trash of Tokyo , concert with his mogul who like Kuwana deities again lip balm jhajha, expand the live activities aggressive around the prefecture last year ! that clogged momentum , good content is perfect as one shot of a business card instead ! 300 pieces of press !