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Trailblazers of a new shape of modern Japanese hardcore, SKITKLASS, and LA's hot new ARTIFICIAL JOY unite on this 7" split recording. SKITKLASS have attracted attention ever since emerging onto the scene, many of their releases quickly becoming difficult to obtain. In 2019, they released their box-defying 1st album which stunned the world into wonder. Now, SKITKLASS are slated to perform at Manic Relapse Fest 2020, yet they are already up and ready with a new release. Songs on this split are re-recordings of existing songs, but the lyrics have been re-written in Japanese. This unique approach saturates subtle nuances in the melody and rhythm. Ultimately, in the music of it all, we can feel the experimental-yet-unflinching spirit of SKITKLASS.
We also have ARTIFICIAL JOY. Despite having just performed their first gigs in 2020, ARTIFICIAL JOY's demo tape's surprising quality far exceeds their status as newcomers. Some people may even remember how SKITKATT of SKITKLASS personally recommended ARTIFICIAL JOY since this early demo. This split between them takes ARTIFICIAL JOY's demo one step up. Keep an eye out for this band, they may very likely be a key band in the making of hardcore scenes to come.

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