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Four high school friends from a small town in NJ, just across the river from NYC discover punk. Instead of playing lunkheaded polka beat hardcore, they mix at least 50% satire on the hardcore punk movement of the era with some truly great D.I.Y. Punk/HC. Nine blasts of spastic speed punk/hardcore clocking in at just under 11 minutes, pressed at the always kinda lo-fi 33.3rpm speed. The EP was originally released by the band in 1984. It got frequent airplay on WFMU and positive 'zine reviews, but it had little distribution and with the band not playing live any longer, it was soon lost to record collector obscurity.

Rerun presents an authorized reissue in a limited edition of 350 copies. Newly remastered audio and housed in a heavyweight sleeve featuring liner notes and song commentary by drummer and songwriter Kazumi Umeda, also including a replica of the original lyric insert.