TRANCE “Maldicion” LP

Image of TRANCE “Maldicion” LP


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Trance formed in 2011 by Tere (guitar), Rafita (bass), Jack (drums) and Rafa (voice). They come from bands of hardcore child aspirin, world order or Argentines Fun People. Or maybe it is the first time they played in a band. The fact is that these guys are well understood, quickly pick up the idea and in 2012 take a record of 4 themes which is later reprinted in 7 "by several independent labels.

This is only the beginning. Trance work hard and it seems that the new issues come out easily. More elaborate songs, with more body, loaded with energy. The Ramones influence remains essential, but a simple listening to the new material is enough to know that this is not just another band. Trance overflows its own personality.

These guys have managed to be the most difficult thing you can do today: punk-rock, nothing more. Drugs, discomfort, love, heartbreak and other headaches. Something that has always been done in State Punk and that time has not been achieved with so much honesty, fuck already!