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CRASH BOX “Schegge – Discografia 1983/2012” Double CD

The most complete, detailed, exhaustive and done-with-heart CRASH BOX discography ever released, put together in more than 2 years of complicated and endless work. 67 tracks including 4 brand new studio high kicks + all their records and demos mastered from restored 1st generation reels + unreleased live extras! Deluxe 6 panel digipack with 40 page booklet filled to the limit with photos, flyers, lyrics and liner notes in the classical line of quality you can expect from F.O.A.D. Records. For those still not familiar with this legendary Italian old school Hardcore unit, here's how it was introduced by Stiv Valli on an old TVOR flyer back in the day: "this band is in the heart of all Italian HC fans. Melodic but strong & fast HC with a crossover metal edge. Tommy from Italian Thrash/HC leaders Extrema as special guest on lead guitars". And later for their 2nd full length..: "The band's final epitaph, back to the HC roots of the early days. Hot and fast melodic 100% Hardcore". So if you're a fan of classic Italian HC bands like NEGAZIONE, UPSET NOISE, RAW POWER, BLOODY RIOT, INDIGESTI - this is another FOAD gem you can't miss, and it's guaranteed to pulverize all the previous bad sounding vinyl ripped editions, plus this includes loads more of music and graphic contents!

NOISECAT - the very best of antihero the noisecat CD

Become quite a history activities All in all, that cat noise NOISECAT unidentified still! I record all the songs of 7 inches that was released in the voluntary and Detonate Records ever be referred to as "noise cat first Ichi-life sound source files", sound source collection CD 24 songs of 200 sheets only were re-mastered!

That it will do that on their own from all that do-it-yourself, et al, to release the band self-released in (Black Jug Rec name) from now on. I had to give up even the arrival of this release you will be asked often, but does not really know who is doing, but was able to stock because there was a place where us in circulation.
It is a happy one in the one that was the CD school, and did not expect, so a few press, but the noise cat fans have already record in binding firm Obi also Tsuite also works full tilt.

Track List

01 - 06
"Cat noise march" 7 "EP

07 - 12
"Noise cat runaway song" 7 "EP

13 - 16
"Masugomi information manipulation brainwashing" Tape / 7 "EP

17 & 18
"The government Ha massacre two favor Sita" 1/2 7 "EP

19 - 24
"Chobi Higekuso fellow Bruno ghost" 7 "EP

Stretch Marks-Who & What-The Complete Studio Recordings-CD

Every single studio recording by the original lineup of the Stretch Marks

This is the first time that most of these songs (20 of the 22) have appeared on CD

A deluxe booklet, packed with unseen photographs, posters and artwork, with liner notes from Pages Of Rage editors Chris Walter (GFY Press) and Matt Vinet (Stretch Marks' manager)

The previously-unreleased song, "Not Your Decision", broadcast once on CBC's Brave New Waves and never heard again!


1-Who's In Charge
2-Force Fucker
3-Dogs World
4-Barren Cities
5-Sik Pleasure
6-Professional Punks
7-What D'Ya See
8-Time In Black
9-Another Tragedy
10-Family Affair
11-Turnbuckle Stomp
12-Lookin' For Danger
15-No Answers
16-Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There Is One)
17-Just A Game
18-No Freedom
19-Bad Moon
20-Foreign Policy
21-Old Man Understand
22-Not Your Decision

Tracks 1-6 originally released as Stretch Marks - Who's In Charge
Tracks 7-19 originally released as Stretch Marks - What D'Ya See
Track 20 originally appeared on Various - Something To Believe In
Track 21 originally appeared on Various - It Came From The Pit
Track 22 is has never been released before.

Canadian Import.


what's the truth.(chaotic rmx).
under pressure.

2 wings of the some bird
3 face of death
4 war
5 misanthrope

6 vapaus sota
7 karsia

8 filthy hate 3
9 extreme noise D
10 wall
11 acid reigh in blood.stormtroopers of lawnmower death

12 farewell to werch
13 balance of 4
14 lagoon of my my life
15 be the sun
16 angelic voice

17 nuclear treat
18 ugly laughter

19 a comedy of errors

20 singin'in the acidrain 5
21 in deep waters~stop the test use creature

22 scemo
23 scs wa ohsawagi
24 surt of dye
25 uguisudani sex
26 happy wedding basterd you
27 arakawa h8 crew
28 ichiyoshi bluse

foolisha fixid ideas.
human imprerielism.
creophagism you try to change.
do your sevir?.
vivisection scientifc frand.
the sadist of one hundred milons


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