Wasted Talent-Ready To Riot-LP

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If your ears have ever needed to listen to any HC punk band from Pennsylvania its this band!! British punk inspired but American HC driven this is the fine line in the middle, fukn great to say the least!! Songs about anti fascism, anti jock, anti vivisection, anti war. This album is the total package with original flyer art on a sticker, 18 x 24 Poster insert with flyers, band photos, band bio, Catholic Guilt Fanzine band interview, Flipside, MRR, Savage Pink, & Counter Attack zine reviews. All re mastered from the original 1/4" Reel and tape recordings. All recorded between 1982 and 1983. This is truly going to be a great HC reissue!! A piece of history every body should slam too!! State College Hardcore at its finest!!



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