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Hailing from Mexico City are Zotz, rawdark punk in the vain of Lost Tribe with batcave elements. 3 songs with dark and desperate sound...not in the vein of the actual "modern" postpunk bands...ZOTZ keep the raw sound on their edge, reverb voices, echo guitars and more deathpunk elements. Record is limited to 303 copy and all the covers are handmade, printed insert and handstamped labels keeping the 7" as DIY as posible. Artwork by Ashley Hohman. Mastered by Daniel Husayn of North London Bomb Factory.



Zotz (it means bat in the mayan culture) is a mexican post punk band with a sound very influenced by the old school gothic and post punk bands. Is a band formed with members of Día Final, Aube (Canada) and Dishelldethterror. "La Ultima Noche" is the second demo, contains 5 tracks.

Import from Mexico.



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